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Lehner Switzerland Verlauf




The LEHNER history

The firm LEHNER to-day has a worldwide reputation for fashionable and exclusive handkerchiefs.

On the base of modest beginnings in 1938 the firm has developed itself to its to-day’s importance.

Under the name LEHNER a full range of handkerchiefs is being presented. We offer high fashion printed and woven handkerchiefs, as well as hankies with lace embellishment and those with special embroidered subjects.

The to-day’s sales organisation has over 20 agents all over the world. Our lines are sold in leading speciality shops.


For us quality thinking is our main goal. The raw cloths are woven according to our ideas and designs in Switzerland, as well as printed and finished. In our factory the goods are being cut, sew and ironed and packed for sale. The bigger part of our handkerchiefs is hand rolled in the traditional way.

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